Commercial Roofing

JT RAMS has established a stellar reputation as a leader in Southeast Wisconsin’s commercial roofing industry. We provide top quality commercial, industrial and institutional roofing installations for some of the area’s leading general contractors, building developers and business owners.

Roof Replacements

JT RAMS performs roof replacements on any roof in need of replacing.  However, we always try to cost effectively extend the life of every existing roof system, but when the time comes to replace we can install any type of roof whether it be single ply, BUR, standing seam, or shingles.

New Construction & Remodels

JT RAMS provides top quality roofing installations per each manufacture specifications on new construction and remodeled commercial, industrial, educational, governmental, and religious buildings.

Leak Investigation

Leak investigation is one of JT RAMS’ specialties. Not all leaks are obvious and easy to find, some are elusive, in depth and take extreme skill and perseverance to locate. We have continually succeeded in locating leaks where other companies have failed.  JT RAMS’ also has the ability to employ efficient nuclear scanning techniques to detect roof moisture.


Single Ply

Single-Ply Roofing systems have many benefits, and there are a variety of membranes to choose from.  These are the three main types of membranes.

  1. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): This is a fancy name for rubber.  EPDM membrane is a perfect fit for our climate here in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.  It holds up great during our changing climates and drastic temperature changes throughout the seasons.  EPDM membrane can be adhered, mechanically fastened, covered in ballast (stone), and comes in the most common color of black but can also come in white.  All field seams and flashings are adhered to one another using primers and adhesives.  The only down fall to EPDM membrane is that it does not mix well with grease, and other oils/chemicals that may be discharged on the roof from different exhaust vents/fans from restaurants or some manufacturing facilities.  EPDM is by far the most popular membrane on commercial roofs here in Wisconsin.
  2. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin): TPO is a thermal plastic membrane that comes in stock colors of white, tan, and gray.  This membrane holds up well with greases, and most chemicals that may be discharged on roofs.  TPO membrane is a hot air welded system which means all field seams, and flashings are heat welded together.  TPO membrane can be fully adhered, and mechanically fastened.  It can be covered in ballast (stone) but is not recommended as TPO membranes are often used for their heat reflective properties.  This is a very popular membrane in the southern states where the climate is warmer but has been gaining popularity here in the Midwest.  Unfortunately, it does not hold up as well as the EPDM membrane here in our climate.
  3. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) PVC is also a thermal plastic membrane that comes in stock colors of white, tan, and gray.  This membrane is best used to combat grease, and chemical discharges from roof top units and fans.  Like TPO it is mainly used for its reflective properties and resistance to grease and chemicals.  It is also a hot air welded system and can be fully adhered or mechanically fastened.


Asphalt shingles are the most common used product on steep slope roofs.  They are cost effective and can be installed at a lower cost than other steep slope products and applications.  Shingles come in countless different colors, thicknesses, weights, and chemical make ups.

Metal Roofing / Standing Seam Roofing

Standing-seam roof panels are another material used on steep slope roof applications.  These roof panels generally come in 12”,16”, and 18” lengths with varying rib heights based on the slope of application.  Roof panels can be manufactured to size in a manufacturing plant, or jobsite field formed from a large coil.  These roof panels most commonly come in pre-finished steel, aluminum, and copper, and come in many different standard or premium colors.

Green Roofs/ Vegetative Roof Systems

Green Roofs or vegetative roof systems are areas of roofs that are covered in living vegetation.  The vegetation can be installed over roof areas in vegetation trays butt together, or loose laid with seeded media.  These types of roof systems are becoming popular in heavily populated areas where green spaces are becoming scarce.


Architectural Sheet Metal / Sheet Metal Fabrication

JT RAMS has its own in-house sheet metal shop to custom fabricate different types of Architectural sheet metals such as custom gutters, downspouts, scupper collection boxes, fascia, soffit panels, roof panels, coping caps, and perimeter edge metals.  With a variety of state-of- the-art folding machines, and shears we are equipped to perform your most complicated sheet metal fabrications for roofs and facades.

Metal Wall Panels

JT RAMS can provide and install a vast variety on metal wall panel systems.  Some of the types of panels we install are flush and corrugated panels, ACM panels (aluminum composite panels), insulated wall panels, and Longboard siding panels.